Digital technologies in enterprise management: theoretical aspect

  • Тетяна Обидєннова
  • Валерій Васильєв


The article discusses the issues of implementing digital technologies in enterprise management processes. It is noted that digital technologies have changed the way business companies operate in the business markets in terms of what they sell and how they do it – and also set new requirements for the company's capabilities. Therefore, the authors focus on the fact that today, in the conditions of rapid changes in the external and internal environment, existing classical management methods do not bring the desired result and do not guarantee stable functioning in a competitive environment. The authors have shown that more and more enterprise managers understand that without the implementation of modern digital technologies in all areas of enterprise management, it is impossible to maintain their positions in the market. Digitization of economic activity is a necessary phenomenon of modern business and is the basis for effective development. The article provides definitions of the terms "digitization" and "digitalization" by different scholars. The authors define digitalization as a comprehensive process of implementing modern information technologies in all their manifestations in order to improve the process of management and achieve the goals of the enterprise through qualitative changes in existing economic relations. The authors also provide a definition of the process of digitalization in enterprise management as transformed approaches to managing all aspects of the enterprise's activities, expressed in the implementation of innovative methods and approaches in managing all areas of enterprise activity, digital technologies in business, and innovative business models that are realized through reorientation in the information and virtual space for qualitatively new changes in the implementation of their functions by employees, managers, suppliers, partners, customers, and other stakeholders. In addition, the article outlines the stages of enterprise digitalization. The authors emphasize that the implementation of information technologies requires a comprehensive analysis of the internal environment of the enterprise and an assessment of the suitability of a particular information technology to the requirements of the external environment. The article also discusses levels of digitization in enterprises. The authors note that it is important to understand that the intensity of digitization should reflect the actual capabilities of the enterprise, not only in terms of implementing information technologies, but also in terms of their utilization by the enterprise's personnel. The article demonstrates that digitization at all levels of the enterprise enables experts to monitor the process of operations, make necessary corrections in unforeseen situations, and make management decisions based on current information. This leads to strengthening the communication links between the enterprise and interested parties and increasing control over their operations.

Keywords: digital technologies, digitization, digitalization, information technologies, enterprise digitization, levels of enterprise digitization.
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