Types of business process organization of business entities

  • Олена Кір’ян
  • Олександр Золочевський
  • Вікторія Іщенко


In the modern conditions of the simultaneous economic crisis in the country and the globalization of economic processes in the world, the creation and development of new business entities and the introduction of new business processes become an urgent need. But most beginners consider it impossible to start a business due to the lack of start-up capital necessary for all processes of team activity, the ability to purchase the necessary amount of fixed assets, lack of business experience and, accordingly, a high risk of bankruptcy. This restrains the possible level of development of the domestic economy. However, there are a significant number of alternative solutions to these problems. Therefore, in the proposed scientific work, an attempt was made to combine the most accessible options for starting a business in the absence of the necessary resource, personnel, financial, etc. base

The purpose of the article is to combine in one paper various options for obtaining resources for starting a business and options for starting activities in the absence of experience and funds, including by redistributing the components of activities among possible participants of business processes.

The article considers a set of the main, most well-known existing proposals regarding various options for attracting resources from external sources, including the possibility of obtaining them without further return. A brief description of each type of organization of certain elements of business processes is offered, with a definition of their advantages and disadvantages for beginners in business. Options for obtaining financial and material resources, as well as options for redistributing the implementation of individual elements of activity, which expands the choice of a novice businessman, are highlighted.

The article considered such economic proposals as investment, lending, equity participation and a grant program – to obtain financial resources for starting a business; outsourcing, franchising, leasing - as variations of obtaining resources; and other components as an opportunity to transfer part of the processes to be performed by other market participants.

The topic of the article is multifaceted, therefore it provides a basis for a significant number of directions of further research - disclosure of the peculiarities of the use of grant programs as a source of providing business processes with targeted funds; the use of franchising as a way of starting a business with a successful experience, with a reduction in the costs of bringing the brand to the market, as well as with resource, management and partner support; study of modern issues of quality in matters of standardization and certification, etc.

Keywords: starting a business process, types of business processes, business entity, investment, lending, equity participation, grant, outsourcing, franchising, rent, leasing, fundraising, licensing, standardization.
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