Development and imperatives of CRM-systems in transport enterprise management

  • Світлана Боняр
  • Олена Харчук


The development of CRM systems is considered, starting with programs for an individual seller in the performance of his daily actions and ending with systems for supporting the quality of goods and services, the tasks of which are to constantly increase the quality indicators of the company's activity. The systems of Contact Management, Sales Force Automation, Customer Support, Quality Management, CRM-systems for automating the activities of companies in the variety of their relationships with customers, CRM-line Creatio, Pipedrive, LP-CRM, Huge Profit, Keepin CRM, Clever BOX: CRM were considered, KeyCRM, Perfectum CRM+ERP, Sales Drive and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It was determined that there is no single classification of CRM systems, and they can be presented in the form of distribution depending on tasks, functions and tools for their implementation, these are the following types of automated systems, such as: operational, analytical, collaborative or joint. Operational CRM is used by company employees for quick access to information on a specific client during direct interaction with the client – sales and service processes. Analytical CRM – used to analyze various data related to both the client/clients and the company's activities. The main goal is analytical processing of all information about customers. Collaborative CRM uses new ways of interacting with customers, providing them with modern means of communication, 24/7 user access to the supplier's specialists.

Today, the most modern CRM systems are used in Ukraine. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a management system that characterizes relationships with customers and is aimed at automating all processes in the organization, which makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the organization and optimize the management process. The Creatio CRM line is a system for large and medium-sized enterprises that integrates and accelerates the processes of sales, marketing and service with the operational processes of the organization. Pipedrive, a CRM system for continuous sales management for suppliers and growing organizations. LP-CRM is a management system that uses "commodity business" for personal use. Huge Profit is a management system that uses "commodity business" to automate the main financial processes, namely accounting for product balance, controlling sales, displaying income and expenses. The Keepin CRM system is simple and functional for the enterprise, integrated with popular Ukrainian marketplaces and services, interacts with leads and customers, complete automation, financial management, etc.

It has been proven that in modern conditions the CRM concept is aimed at in-depth market research and study of specific customer characteristics.

Keywords: development, imperatives, CRM systems, enterprise management, module, software.


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