Scientific and practical basis for the implementation of public private partnership in Ukraine

  • Світлана Мушникова
  • Ганна Кузнецова
  • Анатолій Бабічев


The paper notes that in domestic realities, cooperation between the state and entrepreneurship should take place both with central authorities and with local governments, determining the main socio-economic needs and directions for their solution. Therefore, over the past ten years, public-private partnerships, the legal framework, and the mechanism for implementing partnerships from an economic point of view have been given considerable attention by both domestic and foreign authors. But, despite significant research in the field of public-private partnerships, insufficient attention is devoted to the scientific basis for the practical implementation of specific projects based on this partnership. The studies did not specifically reflect the definition and forecasting of possible levels of risks of influence on the results of relationships and their redistribution between partner entities, the mutually beneficial structure of financial support for individual projects, etc.

The study presents the foreign experience of public-private partnership of countries, in which it is noted that the relationship between the state and the private sector of the economy began in the middle of the VIII century. The domestic experience of PPP is represented by a number of projects that are little known, but deserve attention. It is noted that in practice, public-private partnership has a number of significant differences from other contractual forms of interaction between business entities and the state.

In our opinion, the achievement of positive results in public-private partnership is possible due to a scientific approach to solving problems. Consistent fulfillment of the tasks of identifying potential threats and risks for the subjects - partners of the public-private partnership, namely: justification of the feasibility of implementing the project; definition of the form of PPP; formation of the project financing structure within the framework of PPP; determination of the level of risks and their distribution among the subjects of PPP and scenario modeling of the influence of factors on the result of PPP, - will allow achieving the goal of public-private partnership - achieving an effective result from the implementation of joint projects of the state and business structures for the socio-economic development of a particular territory and the country as a whole in strategic and tactical aspects.

Keywords: public-private partnership, concession, central authorities, local self-government, financing structure, scenario modeling.


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