Strategic orientations of socially responsible business in the conditions of the green economy

  • Олена Ареф’єва
  • Наталія Коваленко


The article defines that strategic orientations are formed based on the state regulation of the formation and development of the economy as a whole, its technical, economic, labor, resource, ecological perspectives of reproduction and renewal. The work defines the levels of social responsibility: macro level, meso level, macro level and mega level. The authors indicated that the strategic focus of investments on the implementation of alternative projects of the green economy will contribute to increasing the economic stability of enterprises, the use of combined sources of their financing, which will also allow the use of own financial resources to support the social directions of business, to implement modernization measures when mastering key market segments through the use of tools and methods of green economy. The authors emphasize the factors that restrain the development of social responsibility: existing legal restrictions on the scope and methods of assistance to those who are in dire need of it, numerous requests for charity with limited resources; lack of systems of socially responsible business, lack of an accessible system of informing society about existing and promising social and charitable projects, investors of social and energy-saving programs, a bank of information about equipment and technologies related to the green economy. The paper states that the social responsibility of business is a universal form of relations between business entities and society, the state and its other institutions, as well as the opportunity to assess the consequences of one's activities for the development of society. Solving the problem of strengthening social responsibility is aimed at preventing the possible emergence of contradictions between business and society, business and the government, and the positive perception of domestic producers at the international level. And this, in turn, manifests itself in the greater loyalty of society to the government and business, the reduction of the role of state regulation, the general improvement of social conditions, and the acceleration of the country's economic development.

Keywords: strategic guidelines, socially responsible business, green economy, interest.
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