Priority directions of marketing research of the innovative activity of market agents in the conditions of the vuca world

  • Ольга Мних


The article proves the growing relevance of marketing research on the activities of market agents in the innovation-investment environment and their results as an intellectual product in the conditions of digitalization of the global and domestic economy. The modern unbalanced economy of developing countries, which includes Ukraine, as well as many post-industrial countries of the world, is no longer in a position to develop without adequate information support for the processes of innovation and investment development, which require significant capital expenditures, especially for raising the standard of living of the society at large sustainable economy. The work identifies the priority directions of marketing research in the conditions of growing uncertainty of the VUCA world due to the strengthening of the interaction of political and financial and social risks, the source of which is the state's lack of control over the activities of the world's leading technological companies as owners of large innovative investment capital. A general description of the international business environment of high-tech companies of the world, which is in search of marketing strategies for development and optimal schemes of business models for managing financial, cash and material flows, is given. It is argued that identifying the interdependencies of the marketing policy of strengthening the competitive positions of innovators in the consumer and industrial markets and their growing activity in the processes of buyouts and takeovers in the stock markets (M&A) in the conditions of the VUCA world is an important direction of marketing research. Focused attention on the fact that in the conditions of the VUCA world, the estimated value of transactions of intellectual products is subject to change, because the configuration of political and social forces in society is being transformed to a large extent, the rules of the game in business, the proportions of market forces, regulatory norms, which are reflected in the to another extent, on the strategy of the behavior of enterprises. It is summarized that through control over the means of exchange, political and social actors form complex systems of behavioral relationships, the content of which is much deeper than the traditional channel of exchange, which is based on simple transactions and expectations of profits, which include the influence on the degree of cooperation between participants in market operations. creation of favorable conditions for coordinated actions of partners, etc. A meaningful model of marketing as a subsystem of the economy for transactions of intellectual products has been built.

Keywords: marketing, market, information support, Vuca world, patent activity, risk, technologies, innovations, uncertainty
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