Methods and means of renewal of financial resources of industrial enterprises in modern conditions of economy

  • Вікторія Прохорова
  • Світлана Мушникова
  • Анжеліка Крутова


The study noted that the financial resources of industrial enterprises are the most limited and scarce resources. In the modern conditions of the functioning of industrial enterprises, there is a need to restore them for a number of reasons, namely because of: the loss of a significant share of the domestic and foreign markets for industrial products due to force majeure; loss of significant amounts of financial resources of internal and external origin due to the reduction and / or complete cessation of activities; deterioration of the condition of fixed assets due to their physical and moral deterioration; the deterioration of the investment climate in the state also due to force majeure on the one hand and because of the high risks of investors.

The works of domestic and foreign scientists and practitioners have been studied, approaches to understanding the essence of the "financial resources" of an enterprise have been determined, which can be conditionally grouped as follows: "financial resources" of industrial enterprises can act as "financial support" or "source of financing" of their activities; "financial resources" as a result of the movement of financial flows. The authors substantiate the need for the process of restoring the financial resources of industrial enterprises, the starting point of which is the definition of strategic and adjustment of tactical goals of activity in accordance with the current operating conditions. The study substantiates the application of an integrated approach to the renewal of the financial resources of industrial enterprises, combining the methods of self-financing, credit, investment and budget financing.

The authors give recommendations for further research in the framework of obtaining a synergistic positive effect from the mixed method of restoring the financial resources of industrial enterprises, based on multivariate statistical observation and analysis, it is necessary to conduct research on the representative number of industrial enterprises in the industry direction and determine the necessary weight contribution and the impact of each of the methods and means recovery of funds.

Keywords: financial resources, industrial enterprise, state support, self-financing, credit financing, budget financing, investment financing


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