Preparation of personnel for emergencies as an element of economic security

  • Олена Кір’ян


The emergence of emergencies from the unique is gradually becoming a common occurrence in our lives.

The article considers the main approaches to the understanding of economic security by specialists, the elements of its content. At the same time, the author's understanding of the emergency situation and economic security for the organization is presented.

Practical measures are proposed to supplement the usual content of the personnel training process, taking into account the formation of a response to the prevention of emergency situations or the optimal elimination of their consequences, taking into account the needs and content of the economic security of the organization. It is emphasized that in the event of an emergency, the most rapid and rational behavior of the personnel maintains the stability of the organization's existence.

The article focuses on the primary components of supporting economic security - the preservation of the organization's personnel, information, and resources. For each of these components, the expected difficulties in the event of emergency, possible problems with the personnel, the content of its optimal behavior are determined. A list of staff training activities was also developed to address challenges for each of these elements.

In order to preserve the health and life of personnel, the integrity of fixed assets, and resources, a meaningful training in quick response to an emergency state of equipment has been proposed. Also, a proposal was made to train personnel in identifying alleged man-made emergencies when primary signs appear.

To preserve information and its media, it is proposed to apply practical training on the rapid transfer of information, the extraction of media, critical documentation and moving them to a safe place.

As a preparation of personnel for the perception of an emergency as one of the states of existence of an organization, increasing the stress resistance of personnel and optimizing relations in a team, training with the participation of a psychologist-leader is proposed. The training will allow revealing the hidden features of the character of employees, revealing the traits of people who manifest themselves only under certain stressful conditions. This will make it possible to prepare workers in advance to perform tasks in difficult unusual conditions, to obey the existing leader in the absence of a leader and to solve problems in a coordinated manner.

These measures for personnel training will make it possible to change their behavior in the event of an emergency to a more rational and efficient one. This will both protect personnel and minimize the negative consequences of an emergency. The proposed process of personnel training is an important element in managing the economic security of an organization.

Keywords: personnel, content of the educational process, personnel training, economic security, personnel efficiency, emergency situation, personnel protection, resource protection, social security, training, team, leader.
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