Research of innovative digital policy of european banks and their market capitalization

  • Ольга Мних
  • Ростислав Брицький
  • Олександра Бабич


The essence of digitalization in the banking industry in the information society is revealed and the urgency of conducting scientific and applied research on the formation of a worldview paradigm for managing capitalization processes and changing the structure of the banking market under the influence of growing investment attractiveness of non-banks. Emphasis is placed on the formation of intelligent information programs for a combination of factors of production, designing various forms of interaction in the spatial and temporal dimension of real and virtual assets in the activities of leading European banks with a focus on increasing their investment attractiveness to attract external funding. The peculiarities of P2P lending as a new technology of venture financing and the urgency of risk problems due to information asymmetry in the use of digital technologies, which requires the development of innovative readiness of consumers to use them, are emphasized. The factors of commercial success and failures of leading European banks, both issuers with various opportunities to attract emission income to strengthen market power, and modern neo-banks – FinTech companies in implementing policies to diversify activities and diversify customer service markets. The paper reveals the peculiarities of the implementation of innovative digital policy in the practice of leading European banks on the basis of building a meaningful model of activating the processes of digital transformation. Its impact on the dynamics of capitalization of banking structures in a competitive environment, the activities of which involve the growing social role of non-banks, qualitative change in the functionalities of the banking market and its globalization through technological development of relations with investors and customers based on digital solutions.

Keywords: competitive environment, banking market, online banking, investor, client, digital technology, market capitalization, risk.


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