Development of air transport in industry 4.0: Prospects, prerequisites, challenges

  • Maksym Lutskyi


The article analyzes the economic activity of air transport in Ukraine, formed ideas about the state and prospects for improving the competitiveness of domestic airlines in the market of passenger air service. The indicators of airlines activity have been analyzed and the dynamics of passenger and cargo air transportation volume has been shown. The directions of development of air transport in the conditions of Industry 4.0 and the basic principles of transition of air transport to Industry 4.0 are suggested. The unfavorable situations affecting the level of air transportation in Ukraine and some ways to overcome the crisis phenomena were determined. The authors have formed the main trends in the development of air transport and identified internal and external influencing factors. The analysis of strategic potential and possibilities of aviation transport development has been performed. Practical recommendations are given for increasing the competitiveness of the Ukrainian aviation market.

Keywords: air transport, air transportation, Industry 4.0, airlines, development of air transport, trends and prerequisites of development, aviation industry.
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Lutskyi, M. (2022). Development of air transport in industry 4.0: Prospects, prerequisites, challenges. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 13(26).