World maritime container transport market trends

  • Марина Савченко
  • Павло Панасюк
  • Олександр Левченко


The purpose of the article is to study and analyze the current state of the container shipping market and identify the main trends in its development over the past decades. The modern maritime transport sector is developing rapidly, a significant proportion in it is occupied by containers hipping, which has gained popularity around the world. In particular, it is worth to highlight their particular popularity in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Container transportation is one of the most promising industries in the field of transport, because it helps to ensure the process of quality and un interrupted supply of good sat the global level. The study of such transportation is extremely appropriate and important for the future development of the world economy.

The article exam in the current state and main trends in the development of maritime container traffic at the global level, assesses the main indicators of the container market in dynamics, as well as considers them in factors causing structural changes of the market. Also were formed the main trends in the market of container transportation on the basis of the study, which allows us to better understand the essence of the market and to form promising ways for its development.

It was allowed to identify and describe the main trends in the development of container traffic over the past decades due to the analysis of indicators that comprehensively describe the market of container transportation. Also was added authoritative forecast for the next few years of development of the industry, which was built on the basis of the latest data, taking into account the impact of the pandemic of 2019-2021.

There are prospects for further research in this area to study the ability of companies engaged in container transportation to increase traffic and reduce the time spent on delivery.

Keywords: transport industry, container, container transportation, port, capacity, shipping, cargo flows, cargo ships.
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