A critical look at modern forms of human resource management in the organization

  • Олена Карлова
  • Тамара Хрипко


Abstract. Effective management of modern enterprises and organizations in the service sector depends on human resource management processes. To optimize management in the recovery period after the coronavirus crisis, it is necessary to use the latest technologies for the organization and management of human resources. In the conditions of the pandemic, the indicators of Ukraine's economic development have fallen in recent years, with enterprises and organizations of the non-productive sphere being particularly affected: the needs for their services have decreased or disappeared altogether. The question of the importance of human capital and determining its value is in the area of scientific interests of many domestic and foreign scientists.

In the development of the knowledge economy, the role of man in the production system is growing, so staff has become not only a strategic resource but also a factor in the formation of competitive advantages of the enterprise, so it is one of the objects of management. The essence of personnel management is the process of influencing employees through the use of personnel technology to achieve the goals of the organization.

The article highlights the issue of creating optimal conditions for planning, organizing and coordinating human resources as the main engine of progress.

The article considers the organization of work with staff to improve the efficiency of the organization. The authors criticize some modern forms of hiring employees, in the absence of mechanisms defined by the legal framework to protect the rights of workers of organizations working under tripartite agreements. The use of some of the names of personnel technologies remains problematic for domestic legislation.

The article defines the role of professional development of personnel of the organization and lifelong learning. The authors of the article reveal the need to use HR-management a number of scientific principles, such as planning, complexity, continuity, regulation, efficiency.

Key words: personnel, human capital, personnel-technologies.

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