Formation of business model of balanced development of enterprises in the conditions of digitalization of economy

  • Володимир Дикань
  • Ганна Обруч


Abstract. It is established that the rapid and large-scale introduction of digital technologies in all types of economic and social activities modify not only individual sectors of the economy, but also transform the entire system of global economic relations, creating enormous opportunities for sustainable development of business and the national economy. It is proved that the key driver for the digital transformation of the Ukrainian economy should be the processes of digitalization of infrastructure industries and, above all, domestic railway transport, whose activities create a multiplier effect, stimulating the development of economic activity in related industries. The current state of railway transport enterprises is analyzed and it is revealed that the current industry management system and business model of railway transport development do not allow us to fully take advantage of the advantages of digitalization of the railway industry. Taking into account the views of scientists on the specifics of ensuring the sustainable development of railway transport and taking into account global trends in digital restructuring of the transport and logistics space, it is proved that the tools of digital modernization and transformation of their activities should be considered as drivers of balanced development of railway transport enterprises. The key aspects of building a business model for ensuring balanced development of railway transport enterprises, defining the goals, objectives and tools for achieving sustainable development of industry enterprises, are revealed. It is proposed to ensure a balanced development of railway transport enterprises by forming their service and communication maturity, stimulating the processes of innovative, technological and investment support for the development of industry enterprises and improving the intellectual and personnel competence of their personnel. It is proved that the use of digital tools in the activities of railway transport enterprises will contribute to improving the safety and unification of train traffic management standards, improving the processes of innovation and investment activities of railway transport enterprises, improving the processes of digital interaction of industry enterprises with customers and expanding the list of information services for consumers of transport services, as well as improving the Personnel Management System in railway transport.

Keywords: business model, balanced development, railway transport enterprises, digital modernization, digital transformation.

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Дикань, В., & Обруч, Г. (2021). Formation of business model of balanced development of enterprises in the conditions of digitalization of economy. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 11(22).