Strategic directions of logistics services market development in Ukraine

  • Ольга Шкуренко
  • Анастасія Григоренко


Annotation. The geostrategic position of Ukraine and the active development of e-commerce as an active consumer of logistics services against the background of globalization of the world market and the growth of transit traffic indicates the great potential of the state in this area, the feasibility of logistics market as one of the priority sectors.

It is proved that it is on logistics that the interaction between business entities and increase their economic efficiency is built. From the point of view of world experience and current trends in the global market of logistics services, Ukraine is at the stage of formation and consolidation of the industry, significantly behind Western countries, both in quality and complexity of services provided by national transport and logistics companies.

The main operators of logistics services in Ukraine have been identified. The analysis of the state of the market of logistics services in the sectors of freight transportation by different modes of transport and warehousing logistics for the period 2016-2020, the results of which formed the current trends in the logistics market.

The directions of development of the market of logistics services in Ukraine are generalized and the tools of increase of efficiency of logistics are allocated.

The priority directions of development of the market of logistic services in Ukraine, namely introduction of the competitive and effective transport system are defined; innovative development of the transport sector through the implementation of strategic innovation projects; ensuring environmentally friendly and energy efficient transport; implementation of digital solutions in transport. It is the development of the logistics services market in these areas that will increase the efficiency of the logistics market, which will lead to the emergence of more competent providers of comprehensive logistics services, attracting foreign players to the market, which will have a positive impact on the economy.

Key words: logistics; logistics services market; freight transportation; development; logistics tools; strategy.

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