Ukraine's international competitiveness in the context of globalization: problems and prospects

  • Вєга Кулявець


Abstract. Issues of global competitiveness today are a priority for every country in the world, whose priorities are aimed at further development, using existing capacity and finding new opportunities for growth. Increasingly, politicians, governments, big business owners, potential investors, scientists are using such important tools in modern realities as various international ratings to determine their next steps to improve economic policy, further development strategies to ensure sustainable growth, achieving more efficient results and implementing the necessary reforms in the economy.

The article identifies the factors that affect the formation and development of competitiveness of economies, their economic systems, taking into account their starting positions and current level of development. In addition, the factors that play an important role in compiling authoritative world rankings of countries with the most attractive environment for a particular market segment are analyzed.

It is determined that the international competitiveness of the country, as a whole, consists of many requirements and criteria, in particular, the basic ones are those related to institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic sphere, education and health care system. Taking into account the considered opportunities and potential, each country (within its interest) according to the results of the Global Competitiveness Report determines the main tasks, main priorities for further development and directions of increasing its competitiveness. In addition, weaknesses and strengths were identified, as well as prospects for further development of Ukraine, based on the rating of international competitiveness. The position of our country in the international rankings in the dynamics is analyzed and the place of Ukraine in the world coordinate system is determined to determine the prospects for the future development of the country on the world market.

The author substantiates the need to address one of the most important issues: "how to increase national competitiveness and ensure sustainable economic growth in the future." The concept of "national competitiveness" is formed from the ability of companies, industries, market segments to stay ahead of competitors and strengthen their position in world markets, and this ability is due to internal economic, political, social and other factors. Thus, national competitiveness is one of the most important indicators that reveals not only the economic condition of the country, but also determines the prospects for its further development. In this regard, the issue of assessing the national competitiveness of the country with the help of existing international rankings becomes relevant.

Key words: international competitiveness, index, globalization, attractiveness, risks, investors, region's economy, potential.

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