Mechanism for managing the competitiveness of economic entities in the context of European integration

  • Василь Іванов
  • Марина Савченко


Abstract. One of the main tasks of domestic producers in modern conditions is to determine the main directions of development and improvement of competitiveness management methods.

Based on a critical analysis of existing scientific positions on "enterprise competitiveness management" they are systematized by four approaches: functional, systemic, process and situational and justified the use of a comprehensive approach to enterprise competitiveness management, which identifies it as competitiveness management based on achieving systematic functions. Business entities through the coverage of all internal processes, taking into account the impact of the external environment on the basis of diversity, which is due to the dynamic conditions of management in connection with the rapid development of globalization and integration processes.

The article identifies the scientific basis for the formation of a mechanism for managing the competitiveness of the enterprise. The study proved that the mechanism of managing the competitiveness of the enterprise is the control and managed components, which, in turn, consist of elements designed to perform the functions of competitiveness management depending on the levels of its formation.

It is established that the main principles of the mechanism of enterprise competitiveness management are unity, scientificity, complexity, efficiency, priority, equifinality, incrementalism, emergence, flexibility, innovation, optimality, phasing.

The authors substantiate the need of enterprises in the agro-industrial sector in the context of European integration processes to develop new and adjust existing strategies for management and market behavior. Emphasis is placed on the formation of a competitive environment that requires the development and integration of measures to adapt agro-industrial enterprises to the new conditions of their effective operation.

Key words: competitiveness management, enterprise competitiveness, agro- industrial complex, European integration, competitive advantage, competitiveness assessment.

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Іванов, В., & Савченко, М. (2021). Mechanism for managing the competitiveness of economic entities in the context of European integration. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 11(22).
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