Hospitality project management

  • Лариса Безкоровайна


Summary. The article takes steps to address important issues of today: the development of hospitality as the main link of the tourism industry through effective project management, appropriate choice of pricing and marketing policies, quality assurance of tourism services. It is emphasized that Ukraine has great potential for tourism development in all directions: gastro-, ecotourism; winter, sea, green, rural, cultural tourism; events and festivals, MICE. It was found that in accordance with the global development strategy, the eighth goal concerns the tourism industry, and declares the implementation of strategies to maintain sustainability in this area, which contributes to job creation, local culture and local production; sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all citizens; growth of gross domestic product; increasing productivity in the economy through diversification, technical modernization and innovation. All this necessitates the development of new high-quality tourism projects to ensure the sustainable development of hospitality in particular and tourism in general.

The study focuses on specific types of projects in the field of hospitality, namely: investment, which is associated with the need for certain financial investments in the creation and development of tourism infrastructure; innovative, related to the development of new tourist products or individual tourist services, the latest routes; international, in the development and implementation of which foreign partners participate. It is established that the effectiveness of the project in the field of hospitality should be based on good teamwork, able to provide the necessary flexibility, stimulate creativity and creativity, create an atmosphere of cooperation and support, positively affect the quality of the project.

Key words: hospitality industry, project management, pricing, marketing strategies, tourist services, quality of services.

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