International technology transfer and dynamics of M&A in the context of digitalization of global business

  • Ольга Мних
  • Богдан Ярич


Abstract. The relevance of the study of the problem of international technology transfer (ITT) for the post-industrial countries of the world and those that are developing is proved. The characteristics of various aspects of scientific and applied research of the problems of international technology transfer (MTT) are given. Relevant issues for the interpretation of the object of knowledge transfer and evaluation of their effectiveness – for the provider and consumer of knowledge. A meaningful model of MTT as a complex political and socio-economic process is built. Based on regression models, trends and growth rates of foreign direct investment (FDI) in various post-industrial countries and the dynamics of R&D expenditures in technology companies are determined. It is generalized that there is no direct correlation between FDI growth rates and economic growth among post-industrial countries. More important are the issues of the intellectual potential of the country - the recipient of technology, the conditions for attracting not only foreign but also domestic investment and the protection of know-how as indicators of the quality of the institutional environment. Issues related to the assessment of current and longer-term benefits for different parties to MTT transactions have been identified. Qualitative signs of globalization, localization, rejection and hybridization as components of technology transfer are highlighted. Emphasis is placed on increasing the social significance of informal knowledge transfer through learning. It is proved that the scaling of technologies transferred to the other party depends on the potential of its impact on other sectors and sectors of the economy, including services, which is important in the context of globalization and digitalization of the services market. The features and the model of interrelations for vertical and horizontal type of MTT are defined.

Keywords: international technology transfer, foreign direct investment, acquisitions and acquisitions, competition, innovation, globalization.

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Мних, О., & Ярич, Б. (2021). International technology transfer and dynamics of M&A in the context of digitalization of global business. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 11(22).
2. World Economy and International Economic Relations.