Aspects of innovative susceptibility of enterprises: definitions and components

  • Орест Колещук
  • Мирослав Гарматій


Abstract. One of the key problems of the low competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises is, in particular, the technical and technological lag behind the leading countries of the global innovation rating. High levels of moral and physical aging of fixed assets, low efficiency in the implementation of research products and unsatisfactory commercialization of innovative developments lead to a slow transformation of a resource-based economy into a knowledge economy. However, the use of innovative ideas, technology transfer, effective innovation policy, resource-saving technologies can improve the performance of enterprises. This does not take into account the company's ability to perceive and readiness to use the latest technologies and management changes. The development of an enterprise requires the introduction of a set of economic, organizational, personnel, informational measures, mechanisms and methods of management aimed at increasing innovation susceptibility. The article summarizes the foundations of the formation of innovative susceptibility of enterprises, considers the factors of influence on the growth of innovative susceptibility, namely external factors (political and economic situation, type of market, nature of competition, practice of state monopoly regulation); internal factors (the presence of an entrepreneur-leader and a support team, financial and material and technical resources, technologies used, size, organizational structure, internal culture of the organization, connections with the external environment) and the specifics of the process of innovative receptivity itself as an object of strategic management. The article defines the consequences of the growth of innovative susceptibility for the enterprise. The authors of the article reveal the main definitions and components of the innovative susceptibility of modern enterprises.

Key words: innovation, receptivity, enterprises, growth, competitiveness, development.

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Колещук, О., & Гарматій, М. (2021). Aspects of innovative susceptibility of enterprises: definitions and components. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 10(20).