Methods of organizing the work of personnel of enterprises in modern conditions

  • Тетяна Обидєннова
  • Марія Васильєва
  • Валерій Ковальов
  • Ганна Михальченко


Abstract.  The article deals with the problems of organizing the work of enterprise personnel in modern conditions. The authors note that the introduction of new methods of management makes it possible to develop innovations in management at enterprises. In conditions when work with personnel requires the use of new methods in the organization of work, especially in conditions of quarantine. Many enterprises are faced with the problem of how to effectively combine personnel management with the new working conditions. The authors of the article emphasize that, when introducing quarantine measures in the context of the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic, most employers either transferred their employees to a remote type of work, or even reduced them altogether. While working in quarantine, a topical issue is holding meetings, trainings, seminars and other events in order to support working relationships both inside the enterprise and outside it.

The authors show the advantages and disadvantages of such methods of organizing the work of personnel as meetings, seminars, trainings. Meetings are the most common method of management activity, thanks to which it is possible to obtain information for the final adoption of management decisions. Training is a method of obtaining new information by personnel, in the process of communicating with a trainer (professional) to gain new knowledge on how to perform assigned tasks in specific business conditions. A seminar is an event that in most cases focuses on educational topics and usually includes one or more experts under consideration. The main focus of the seminars is the acquisition of new skills by the participants during the event under the guidance of the instructor.

The authors of the article analyzed modern online services that are advisable to use when organizing the work of enterprise personnel. Therefore, it is relevant and necessary to use the entire toolkit of modern IT technologies, which will fully allow to intensify the work.

The modern toolkit of methods for organizing the work of personnel allows you to choose those that will be appropriate and relevant in each specific case. In conditions of quarantine, the practical application of modern IT technologies is vital for the sustainable development of Ukrainian enterprises. The main task of management personnel is to effectively combine the existing achievements of modern digitalization and methods of organizing the work of personnel. Only in this way will the remote work of staff be as efficient and productive as possible.

Key words: personnel, working methods, meeting, training, seminar, online services.

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Обидєннова, Т., Васильєва, М., Ковальов, В., & Михальченко, Г. (2021). Methods of organizing the work of personnel of enterprises in modern conditions. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 10(20).