The use of office information technology as an alternative to software solutions to economic problems on the graph model

  • Світлана Насонова
  • Едуард Рижков


Abstract. Currently, various graph models are widely used to formalize many applied problems of both technical and economic nature, and the development of effective methods for the numerical implementation of such models is of theoretical and practical interest. Traditionally, special algorithms and corresponding software are developed to solve combinatorial problems on graphs. However, in cases where some clarifications or additions are made to the problem statement, it leads to the need to revise the algorithms for its solution and software. Another approach to the numerical solution of such problems is the use of office information technologies, the instrumental environment of which is adapted for solving optimization problems. This approach does not require the development of special algorithms and software. It is less laborious to implement, and therefore is popular with a wide range of users.

The purpose of the article is to show the effectiveness and efficiency of the MS Excel processor for solving combinatorial problems on graphs.

In this article, using examples of three graph models that are used to formalize many applied economic problems, the features of solving combinatorial problems on graphs in the instrumental environment of the MS Excel processor are considered. The classical graph models are considered, namely: the traveling salesman problem (the Hamilton minimum cycle problem), the sentry problem (the problem of the smallest dominating set of graph vertices) and the maximum flow problem in the transport network. The results obtained in this article show that many of the combinatorial problems on graphs can be quite easily reformulated as a linear programming problem. It is proved that MS Excel is an effective office information technology for solving economic optimization problems formulated on graphs.

Key words: office information technologies, graph, model, algorithm optimization.

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