Assessment of risk-strategic alternatives in the system of effective enterprise management

  • Анжеліка Сластяникова


Abstract. Risk is a driving source, one of the incentives for the economic development of enterprises. The risks are inherent in any economic system. The market environment is characterized by a greater degree of uncertainty, is probabilistic in nature, therefore, the activities of any enterprise are subject to a wide range of risks. Linking risk only to adverse consequences is a one-sided approach to understanding it. In fact, the presence of risks of various etiology of origin contributes to the progressive development of the economy, which is due to the correlation between the degree of risk and the magnitude of the expected results. To ensure sustainable development of the enterprise and obtain high economic results, it is necessary to learn how to identify, localize and neutralize risks.

The problem of analyzing, assessing and managing risks in the implementation of production activities by enterprises is one of the main problems of the domestic economy. In an environment where unprofitable enterprises received subsidies through the redistribution of funds from profitable enterprises, these problems were not so urgent.

At present, if an industrial enterprise does not make a profit, and even more so if it does not return investments, it is on the verge of bankruptcy. Therefore, the rational use of funds and taking into account the risk factor is the most important moment in its activities. In the conditions of the formation of market relations, the role and significance of individual elements of the enterprise management process have changed dramatically, therefore, approaches to their analysis, assessment and neutralization are changing. Unresolved problems of managing economic and production risks at industrial enterprises have grown significantly with the development of a competitive environment.

The article discusses the types of risks at the enterprise and the types of losses of the enterprise from the negative impact of risk.

The article defines the characteristics of assessing the probability of occurrence of risk zones, the consequences of negative events and their prevention.

The authors in the article describe the methods of risk reduction at the enterprise.

Key words: enterprises; risk; types of risks; loss of the enterprise; risk zones; risky strategic alternatives.

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