Convergent development of innovation cooperation in a spatial and circular economy

  • Олена Ареф'єва
  • Заріна Побережна


Abstract. The article is devoted to a topical problem in the current conditions, as the introduction of spatial-circular economy in modern economic conditions. The authors reveal the general concept of the circular economy, identify the main factors influencing the transition to a spatial-circular economy. Spatial-circular economy provides opportunities to create stable savings of resources, to continue economic growth without harming the planet. The basic principle of the spatial-circular economy is that all products and material flows can be returned to the cycle after use, and become a resource for new products and services. It is a source of additional financial opportunities, increasing economic capacity to master qualitatively new niches in the market, which in turn can serve as one of the key factors on the way to innovative cooperation. The article presents the concept of formation and implementation of innovative cooperation in modern globalization. The authors substantiate a convergent approach to management, which is based on an organic combination of information technology capabilities with the features of building a digital economy, regional markets and multifunctional products in the intersection of advanced achievements in technology, organization, planning, development of new communications and transition on various platforms of innovative cooperation. To achieve a high level of competitive advantage and synergetic effect, which should be to increase the efficiency of national production of goods (services) and strengthen their competitiveness in the international market through large-scale implementation of innovative and scientific and technical (experimental) developments. The authors identify the main ways to ensure the convergent development of innovation cooperation in a spatial-circular economy is achieved: stimulating the development of individual regions through investment; state support of individual regions; promoting innovative development of regions.

Key words: Convergent development, innovative cooperation, spatial-circular economy, globalization, technologies, technological renewal, innovative activity, enterprises.

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Ареф’єва, О., & Побережна, З. (2021). Convergent development of innovation cooperation in a spatial and circular economy. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 10(20).
3. Economics and Management of the National Economy