Coaching as an effective tool for managing project teams

  • Юлія Федорова
  • Лілія Бантуш
  • Наталія Удовікова



Abstract. In the conditions of the digital revolution in the economy and management there are active changes. Stable vertical business structures replace flexible horizontal organizational structures. Issues of project management are becoming relevant. And no longer an individual employee, but a team becomes the basic link of successful projects. In these conditions, there is a problem of improving the work of the project manager.

The article considers the methods of preparation and effective management of project teams. It is noted that non-formal education in the form of short business trainings and coaching sessions is becoming widespread. It is considered how the functions of the project manager change from traditional management to Agile-coaching. It is noted that the peculiarity of Agile-coaching is that the leader is directly involved in the work. He chooses a democratic leadership style: he asks the team for advice, allows the team to find their own solution. In this way, internal communication is improved, tension and the number of conflict situations are reduced, and the project implementation process is improved. The thinking of each group member correlates with the values ​​of Agile's flexible project management methodology.

It is emphasized that the skill level of an Agile coach depends on his level of emotional intelligence. Increasing the level of emotional intelligence improves the coach's abilities. The considered tool has prospects in modern project management.

The article states that the use of an innovative flexible method of Agile-coach will allow you to organize an effective team. A professional Agile coach is able to motivate flexible organizational structures to successfully implement projects, motivate them to learn new things and help them cope with resistance to innovation. It is in conditions of uncertainty, multitasking, the introduction of innovative measures and constant changes to replace the classic management in management should come Agile-coaching project management.

Keywords: project teams, project team management, coaching, Agile coach, competence, project, training.

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Федорова, Ю., Бантуш, Л., & Удовікова, Н. (2020). Coaching as an effective tool for managing project teams. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 9(18).