Reengineering mechanisms in the business process management system of enterprises

  • Вікторія Прохорова
  • Вікторія Чобіток
  • Юлія Курбель


Abstract.  In recent years, the situation has changed significantly: the market management system has changed the administrative one, enterprises and individual employees have gained access to the achievements of the technological, electronic and information revolutions, entered into a competitive relationship. As a result of the changes that have occurred, modern enterprises have received not only new opportunities, but also numerous problems that require the implementation of structural changes in the form of reengineering of business processes in accordance with the requirements of the dominant economic, technological and social trends in the development of the modern economy.

The use of reengineering as a basis for developing a business process administration model for an enterprise requires a radical revision of the traditional foundations of building an enterprise and its organizational culture. Such significant changes require the use of both special principles and specific organizational and economic conditions. Of particular relevance within the framework of the developed administration model is the redesign of the internal structure of business process management for modern enterprises in a crisis or pre-crisis state.

The purpose of this article is to form reengineering mechanisms in the business process management system of enterprises in accordance with the modern requirements of world market standards.

The basis for the formation of an effective system of production processes is special software (reengineering mechanisms) for organizing joint work in the locations of the enterprise. With the help of an effective organization of the system of production processes, using e-mail facilities and the routing process, it is possible to organize a direct exchange of information about the results of work between participants in the business process. The functions of monitoring the implementation of the business process belong to the management of the enterprise, with the obligatory participation of contractors to complete the complete automated production cycle.

The authors in the article considered in detail the process of using IT technologies in the process of forming reengineering mechanisms in the system of managing business processes of enterprises. The article defines the difference between the formation of reengineering mechanisms in the management system of business processes of enterprises and the automation of their activities.

The article highlights the fact that the formation of reengineering mechanisms in the business process management system of enterprises is characterized by: a clearly defined beginning and end; the influence of external factors, or associate it with other business processes in the enterprise, or describe the exit to the external environment; sequence of performance of functions and rules for their implementation (business rules).

Key words: reengineering, enterprises, business processes, IT technologies, management, reengineering mechanisms.

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