Eco-marketing and its organizational and innovative development in the food industry

  • Ольга Мних
  • Ольга Камілевська


Abstract.The qualitative functional load of eco-marketing of food industry enterprises is determined and substantiated, taking into account current challenges regarding the ecological purity of the environment, the deterioration of the quality of life of society and the limited resource capabilities of economic agents. The substantive characteristics of eco-marketing in the scientific literature are considered. Practical approaches of governmental and corporate structures concerning reflective marketing, and also tendencies concerning transformation of classical marketing into ecologically-socio-oriented are revealed. An analysis was made of the growing value of the transfer of eco-technologies and innovations to reduce production and logistics waste in the food industry. The generalized analysis of foreign and domestic practice of introduction of the concept of ecological marketing has given and barriers and restrictions on a way of its realization have defined. The conceptual scheme of eco-marketing as a new strategic thinking of management has developed. Emphasis has placed on strengthening the own potential of eco-marketing in the activities of each market entity in the chain of creating social value and the use of modern biotechnology and digital technologies in the production and management of factors influencing the behavior of environmentally conscious consumers. The schematic model of interrelations in the system of information support of eco-marketing in the food industry in the corresponding institutional environment has offered, the substantiation of economic and marketing strategy of partnership has conducted. The obtained results of cluster and regression analysis on the example of dairy industry enterprises were presented. It is proved that eco-marketing should play a dual role in society: to increase the social values of the newly created product and reduce the pressure on the environment, which opens new horizons for business intellectual and long-term cooperation.

Keywords: innovation, eco-marketing, eco-technology, partnership, institutional environment, environmental audit, food industry, transfer of eco-technology, cluster education, sustainable development.

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Мних, О., & Камілевська, О. (2020). Eco-marketing and its organizational and innovative development in the food industry. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 9(18).