The place of technology in the work of management personnel of enterprises

  • Олена Кір'ян
  • Олена Логвінова


Annotation. The article deals with the issues of management technologies. One of the important problems of modern management is highlighted-the lack of a clear understanding of the content of technological processes of each individual management function. It is emphasized that this can and quite often becomes a source of inconsistent management decisions, making it impossible to implement them effectively.

Based on this, it is proposed to pay attention to the creation of technological maps for individual management processes for each individual enterprise as a source of unification of management processes and a factor of minimizing conflict situations. These documents have a significant history of creation, and employees of most enterprises have generalized skills for this. A problematic issue is that modern specialists pay more attention to the technological processes of a particular type of activity, industry, while management processes are out of their field of view.

The article proposes to carry out the formation of technological maps of management processes in two stages. The first should provide preparatory work, based on an analysis of the existing needs of the enterprise, its resources, especially personnel, and environmental conditions. In parallel, at this stage, it is proposed to analyze the possible use of each of the management technologies with the allocation of several priority ones for use in this particular enterprise, for this function. The result of the first stage should be the selection of several most acceptable technologies, the assessment of the means of their implementation, the availability of performers, the expected costs of the process, and so on.

The second stage reveals the element-by-element content of the technological map itself and the process of its sequential formation by the employees of the enterprise. The initial actions of this stage, as well as the previous one, in our opinion, should contain an assessment of the sufficiency of the resource support of the labor process with all the clarifications, with an assessment of each element of the technological map. Attention was paid to the criteria for the implementation of each of the stages as a factor of their coordination and a possible source of control over the results.

The article proves that the implementation of the technological map of management processes will provide both simplification of the activities of management personnel, including their management, and protect performers from possible arbitrariness of the manager or colleague.

Keywords: management technologies, innovative technologies, technological map, labor process, performer, manager, evaluation, working time, function, process, coordination of actions

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