Ways to diversify the development of industrial enterprises through the prism of their technical restructuring

  • Ліліана Гораль
  • Костянтин Клименко
  • Світлана Король
  • Ірина Федорович


Annotation. The article reveals the main approaches to the interpretation of the industrial enterprises restructuring, in particular in the context of technical restructuring. Determined the main purpose of enterprise restructuring which is expressed in the fastest adaptability to permanent changes. At the same time goals for its achievement have been identified, having signs of legal, managerial, economic, financial, production, technical, technological and structural changes.

The analysis of the current state of industrial enterprise is carried out. The structure of gross value added by types of economic activity is determined, in particular enterprises of processing industry, trade, financial and insurance activities, transport, etc. Indices of industrial production by individual types of activity that take place in today’s conditions are given, which made it possible to state the structure of value added as non-productive and the reduction (or absence) of the technological structure of industry. In the context of the analysis, science-intensive industries were identified, including aerospace; manufacture of computers and office equipment; production of communication electronic means; pharmaceutical industry; supply of oil, gas and electricity. By comparing the number of people engaged in research and development in Ukraine and around the world, their number has been proven to be extremely low, due to the annual decrease in R&D funding.

Considerable attention is paid to leasing relations, which greatly simplify the process of technical restructuring. The main obstacles in the choice of ways to diversify the development of industrial enterprises are outlined and the directions of their choice are proposed, aimed at modernization, reorganization, adaptation and introduction of innovations to full restructuring in order to increase the efficiency of their activities.

Key words: restructuring, technical restructuring, industrial enterprises, diversification, development.

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Гораль, Л., Клименко, К., Король, С., & Федорович, І. (2020). Ways to diversify the development of industrial enterprises through the prism of their technical restructuring. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 9(18). https://doi.org/10.33296/2707-0654-9(18)-04