Management of financial and economic security of enterprises: structural and functional aspect

  • Юлія Безугла
  • Марина Бондаренко


Abstract. It is determined that the current processes in Ukraine, the changed conditions of activity, require a reorientation of the principles of industrial enterprises to the analysis and evaluation of various external and internal factors that affect the efficiency of their activities. These circumstances determine the need for the formation of new structural and functional approaches to enterprise management, which will solve the economic problems facing them. A modern enterprise needs a management system that will ensure its competitiveness and stability in the market, as well as help modernize the organizational and information structure so that the basic problems of its development are solved, leading to stable economic results. The positive characteristics of the structural-functional model are the ability to clearly illustrate the procedure for managing financial and economic security and assessing the quality of formation and implementation of financial strategy. Because the purpose of modeling the management of financial and economic security is to obtain answers to a set of questions about building a sequence of actions for the formation of an adaptive strategy. The author based on the software product BPwin in the IDEF0 standard developed a structural and functional model of financial and economic security management. The defined structural-functional model allows to formalize the sequence of the process of development of adaptive-corporate strategy and to observe its intermediate results. The described technology of building a structural-functional model allows you to consistently perform the stages of strategy formation, through which the company's management will be able to increase production efficiency, as well as assess the quality of formation and implementation of a strategy, streamline actions, implement a structural approach to assessing economic resources base.

Key words: financial and economic security; structure; management; development; strategy.

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Безугла, Ю., & Бондаренко, М. (2020). Management of financial and economic security of enterprises: structural and functional aspect. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Economics, 9(18).