Competitiveness of Small Enterprises in the Modern Economy


The article considers the place and role of small enterprises in the economic system, their impact on socio-economic development based on the functions that small business entities implement. The aim of the research is to study the preconditions for the competitiveness of small enterprises in the modern economy, to determine the advantages and disadvantages of small businesses taking into account the characteristics of the external environment. The authors examined the main trends in the development of the world economy, which are factors influencing the functioning of small enterprises, namely the participation of small businesses in global competition, the complexity of management systems of small enterprises, the general informatization of the economy, the emergence of highly specialized market niches, etc. It is proved that the competitiveness of small businesses is based on the negative “economies of scale” and relative competitive advantages in ensuring adaptation to changes in the business environment, customer focus, and low transaction costs. The basic economic, technological and social factors affecting the competitiveness of small businesses are identified.  The advantages and disadvantages of small enterprises in Ukraine are formulated. As one of the main disadvantages, the shortage of various resources that small enterprises encounter is highlighted, this is why it is effective cooperation with external contractors to overcome resource constraints that is considered as the main factor influencing the results of operations. The competitiveness of a small enterprise is largely determined by its competencies in interaction with the subjects of the external environment. To study the trends and prospects for the development of small enterprises in Ukraine, the authors analyzed the main indicators of the activities of business entities using official statistical information. The share provided by small enterprises in the results of socio-economic development of the country is calculated.  Conclusions are made regarding the place and role of small enterprises, their development trends, problems are identified that require attention from the state, and further scientific and practical solutions.

Keywords: small enterprise, business entity, small business, competitiveness, resource, competitive advantages


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Author Biographies

Iuliia Er. Dudnieva, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

Ph.D in Economic sciences, Associate Professor  (Kharkiv, Ukraine)


Olha Ol. Kovalenko, Kharkov College of Textile and Design

Teacher оf economic disciplines (Kharkiv)

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