The Beauty of Life as a New Aspect of the Quality of Life Characteristic


This article attempts to substantiate, in the light of the synergetic research method, a new aspect of the quality of life - its beauty, its creative and constructive potential.

The beauty of life characterizes its quality not through its separate component, but using the same components of the level and quality of life. Let’s recall the elements of the standard of living: health and life expectancy, production of the gross national income per capita (GNI), educational and qualification standard of the population, employment, housing and communal living conditions, environment, social security of the people, etc., and quality of life indicators also - through subjective feelings and assessments of living conditions - satisfaction with oneself and one’s life as a whole, the state of the country's economy, satisfaction with labor activity, state democracy in the country, government control, a sense of harmony with socio-psychological and many other aspects of life, etc.

The beauty of life describes its quality through its new aspect, namely, the emotional and aesthetic state of life. Within the limited framework of the article, the beauty of life as a creative potential is justified by us with such types and forms of labor as:

  • the work of ballerinas and their partners, musicians;
  • through the results of labor: composers, artists and sculptors, workers employed in the fields of mechanical engineering, clothing, food, other industries and agriculture;
  • directly through the types of heroic, selfless and noble labor.

Partly, the work justifies the beauty of life as a new side of its quality through a happy family-intimate life with baby talk and crying, which requires, in addition to love and children, normal and comfortable housing and communal living conditions.

Keywords: methodological pluralism, synergetic research method, synergistic effect, emotional and aesthetic aspect of the quality of life, phenomena and concepts

Author Biographies

Matv. N. Kim, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor (Kharkiv , Ukraine)

O. A. Komarenko, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Postgraduate (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

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