Scientific Instructions for the Formation of the Enterprise Motivation Mechanism

  • Olena Al. Atayeva Educational and Scientific Professional and Pedagogical Institute (Bakhmut) Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy


The scientific approaches to the formation of the motivational mechanism of Ukrainian enterprises in the modern period on the example of the machine-building enterprise "Vistek" in Bakhmut, and methods of quantitative assessment of the balance of social and economic class interests of employees and owners of means of production are defined.  The conditions under which the balance of economic interests for the benefit of the employers are revealed.

 The criterion for the quantitative determination of the social class interests of workers and employers is the structure of labour potential, which is formed by its constituent elements of human physical capital and the distribution of value added in accordance with the quantity and quality of work and the balance of social interests.  A quantitative expression of the measure of labour and consumption, which determines the proportions between labour and its wages. The category of the threshold of social sensitivity of basic wages and incentive payments are determined. The methods of determining its level are revealed that associated with the effect of production, which harmonizes the scale of production and consumption, and forms balance of social and economic interests of hired and entrepreneurial labour, which harmonize social relations in the country.

The structure of the motivational mechanism for stimulating the success of staff and business efficiency is proposed: motives, goals, ways of satisfaction, forms, methods and sources of needs. The model of formation of the mechanism of management of remuneration in the state is suggested according to the objective law of remuneration, its essence is defined. In particular, microeconomic and macroeconomic levels of remuneration management are highlighted, showing indicators of the ratio of the standard and actual rates of wage growth to one percent of labour productivity growth in accordance with the efficiency of human capital use, optimality of the distribution of value added, resource level of production. Macroeconomic level, payment management, institutional decisions, levers of social policy and social performance are also determined.

A methodology for quantifying the proportions of value added distribution between the producer and employer class is formulated.  Examples of calculations of the change in the value-share index between two social classes are given.

This methodology allows to solve complex problems of social class stratification of the personnel of enterprises and increase their interest in the results of work.

Keywords: motivation, mechanism, balance, social and economic interests, staff, entrepreneurs


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Olena Al. Atayeva, Educational and Scientific Professional and Pedagogical Institute (Bakhmut) Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy

Associate Professor of Economics and Management (Bakhmut, Ukraine)

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