New Opportunities for Youth Entrepreneurship Development and Youth Self-Employment Increase


The article deals with general approaches to understanding the meaning of youth entrepreneurship, provides problems that young people face from the birth of an idea to its implementation, analyzes the main obstacles to the youth entrepreneurship development such as legal uncertainty, lack of financial resources, reduction of state programs, low professional training level, insecurity of entrepreneurs in stability, theft of business ideas, etc.In order to develop youth entrepreneurship and increase the level of self-employment among the youth, the necessary changes regarding each function of youth entrepreneurship, as economic, social and creative, are considered.The authors have supplemented the decision making mechanism on entrepreneurial activity in youth, taking into account the prospects of participation in start-ups and business clubs, and trends in the development of the national economy sector, especially high-tech.According to the results of the study, the article provides concrete measures that promote the youth entrepreneurship development, initiatives aimed directly at working with young people as entrepreneurs, perspective platforms for solving social problems, introducing the philosophy of new entrepreneurial values.So, among the important initiatives are lobbying the interests of young people, introducing effective medium-term forecasting of the labor market, introducing internships for students, developing cluster initiatives for entrepreneurship, promoting the spread of social responsibility of large businesses to support young people in small businesses, promoting the creation of a positive image of a young entrepreneurs, development of the system counseling for young professionals, tax or other benefits for those who support young people, creating a network symbiosis business with incubators, credit institutions and innovative or technology parks.The authors emphasize that entrepreneurship for young people should become the subject of increasing attention from all levels of government, responsible business, the public, international organizations as it promotes the formation of the middle class, the stabilization of society, the employment of young people and other social and economic tasks, as well as directly defines the welfare and level of national income of the country.

Keywords: youth policy, entrepreneurship, youth unemployment, youth entrepreneurship, functions of youth entrepreneurship, high-tech industries, youth state support policy

Author Biographies

Olena Iarmosh, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

Ph.D of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Management Department, Dean of Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Educational Technologies

Elizaveta Lototskaya , Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

Third year student, Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Educational Technologies

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