Features of Preparation of Modern Service Workers


The problem of hiring and training high-quality service personnel in the context of the formation of a new service delivery system domestic owners of these organizations and their employees to be responsible for their activities, taking into account world's experience. The article noted the presence of significant gaps in the process of training the service sector personnel, namely: the lack of a constant increase in stress tolerance, the constant development of skills to work with clients of different characteristics; lack of development, verification of availability and development of competencies regarding service offerings through various communication channels; lack of comprehensive training of administrative staff, etc. The article proposes a classification of consumers as a justification for the an attitude in their potential requirements for the service sector: according to financial possibilities, relation to the price and quality of services, knowledge of the legal framework, full-time or other types of services; character. This, in our opinion, significantly affects the qualities that staff need, the content of their training, the content of job descriptions for both employees and administrators of institutions. The first proposal concerns the initial selection of employees who are tolerant to clients and the management of the institution. This component is extremely important, because it is such personnel who will be able to provide the service with pleasure for consumers a long time, regardless of the behavior of the client and the income of the company owner. Otherwise, irritation from the service process can significantly affect the quality of work, scare visitors and create problem situations, thereby worsening the image and reducing the profit of the organization. Negative attitude towards the owner leads to similar consequences. The article proposes a process for assessing this state, explicit and implicit control of possible changes in employee characteristics. The article reveals the difference in the contents of each of the service provision segments, provides a list of the basic requirements for personnel that will serve certain segments, justifies the need for individual professional and personal (physiological) characteristics of employees. In our opinion, they should be included in the job description and provided as mandatory requirements for admission to each workplace in advance in order to avoid accusations of the company's address regarding human rights violations. Service personnel should, in our opinion, have the ability to respond quickly to changes in the environment, therefore we have proposed several simple techniques for assessing the level of this characteristic and its gain. In addition, the article identifies the need, content, and suggests an alternative process for appropriately training the administrative staff of a modern service company regarding the ability to work with a client and subordinates in crisis conditions, in conflict situations; regarding the ability to organize and maintain an optimal modern organization of labor of subordinates, the system of protection of the company's image and its own employees while maintaining the client base.

Keywords: sphere of service, service, personnel, administrator, antichrists management, client, market changes, web-site, communications, image, control, development of personnel


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Olena Iv. Kirian, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

Ph.D of Economical Sciences, Associate Professor of Management Department (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

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