Problems Of Preserving Intellectual Potential Of Society In The Context Of Ukraine Integration Into The European Union


Intellectual potential is the guarantor of the dynamic development of the country, one of the main elements of the prestige of the state, and its reduction represents a threat to the national security of the country, which determines the relevance of the study. The purpose of the article is to analyze the problems of the preservation and development of the intellectual potential of Ukraine in the context of European integration. The authors attempted to summarize the modern understanding of the term «intellectual potential of society», determine what kind of strategic mission the intellectual potential should fulfill in a market economy, characterize the current state of intellectual potential in Ukraine, the reasons for its outflow to foreign countries and other areas of activity, study international and European experience in management of intellectual potential, developed proposals for the preservation and development of intellectual potential rainy in terms of European integration. The study focuses on optimizing state management of human resources, knowledge, information system and their legal protection, the need to strengthen the role of public administration in the processes of preserving and developing the intellectual potential of Ukrainian society, especially against the background of Ukraine’s accession to the countries of the European Union and the signing of the Agreement with the European Union Ukraine’s participation in the EU’s Horizon 2020 program – the Framework Program for Research and Innovation (2014–2020), It is aimed at promoting the achievement of a Common European Scientific Space and Innovation Union. Prospects for further research in this area are an in–depth study of the mechanism for evaluating and managing the intellectual potential and intellectual capital of the national economy in order to preserve the nation’s intelligence, to ensure high motivation of the population to develop, as well as to realize the innovative potential with maximum economic, social and innovative effect.

Keywords: intellectualization, intellectual potential of society, state management of development and preservation of the intellectual potential of society, scientific and technical potential, European Union, European Research Area

Author Biographies

Elena Vikt. Сhernyayeva, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

Ph.D of Economy, Docent Lecturer of the Department of Economics of Enterprises and Management (Bakhmut, Ukraine)

Andrey Alex. Сhernyayev, Soledar Of The United Territorial Community

Deputy Head Of The Soledar Of The United Territorial Community (Soledar, Donetsk Region, Ukraine)

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