About the Journal

Title: Adaptive Management: Theory And Practice. Series Economics

eISSN: 2707-0654

Issued: since 2016

Status: reviewed publication

Branch of science: economic.

Topics of papers in the series "Economics": economic theory and history of economic thought; world economy and international economic relations; national economy and its management; economics and company management; development of productive forces and regional economy; environmental economics; demography, labor economics, social economy and politics; banking and finance; accounting, auditing and analysis; statistics; mathematical methods, models and information technologies in the economy. Sections of the magazine, goals and topics.

Publisher: Public organization "The School of Adaptive Management of Social and Pedagogical Systems"

Founders: Public organization "The School of Adaptive Management of Social and Pedagogical Systems"; Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy.

Frequency: on a quarterly basis (March, June, September, December) since 2018.

Publication language: Ukrainian, Russian, English, (mixed languages).

The magazine is included into the list of electronic scientific specialized editions of Ukraine according to

Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 693 dated 10.05.2017.

Chief Editor (Editor-in-Chief):  Dr. hab. in Pedagogy, Professor Halyna Yelnykova, Chairman of "The School of Adaptive Management of Social and Pedagogical Systems".

 Deputy Chief Editor: Deputy editor-in-chief: Dr. h. of Economics, Associate Professor; Hanna Myhalchenko;

The editorial board includes: illustrious scholars of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Corresponding Members, Doctors hab., as well as foreign scholars from Belarus, Canada, Poland and others.

The editorial review board has announced the competitive selection for a member of the editorial board of magazine for foreign scientists since January 1, 2019. Registration for the competition can be done by means of electronic registration filling eg-form.

Target audience: scholars , doctorates, postgraduate students, graduate students, holders of a bachelor's degree, students, educational practitioners, managers and other entities publishing original scientific and specialized papers, review of articles and researches, etc. Guidelines for authors.

License terms: authors keep a copyright and enable the edition to publish original research papers containing the findings of experimental and theoretical studies and not being under review for publication in other editions. All the materials are governed by the Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY allowing others to republish our articles attributing the authorship of the paper and the first publication in this magazine.

Open access: Electronic scientific specialized edition of "Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice" follows the policy of open access. All articles are indefinitely placed at no charge immediately following the release of the issue. On-line full text access to the scientific papers of the magazine is presented in the section Archive of the official website of the magazine.

The magazine editorial board has taken measures to ensure high ethical and professional standards based on the Principles of Transparency and Best Practices for Scientific Publications subjected to Publication Ethics.