Rights and obligations of authors

Legal conditions for authors, who submitted the materials of the article to publication in the edition, confirm that the authors agree that:

  1. Authors are responsible for the accuracy and relevance of information in scientific articles submitted for publication in this edition.
  2. The authors retain copyrights and at the same time the authors transfer the right of first publication to the edition, which authorizes the distribution of the submitted materials with the indication of the right of first authorship and primary publication in this edition.
  3. The publication accepts scientific articles of experimental, generalizing, methodological and methodological composition, which highlights the results of scientific research (with statistical processing of data) that have theoretical and practical significance, are relevant to education and have not been published before. The article should be constructed in a logical sequence, without repeating and grammatical errors, with clear wording, saturated with actual material, contain an overview of scientific researches of scientists and the current state of the problem, the statement of tasks, methodology, research results, discussion, conclusions and the list of literature.
  4. Scientific articles submitted for publication must be accompanied by: an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department (departments, laboratories, etc.) about the recommendation of the article to the publication; a review (for graduate students and doctoral students); key words and author's annotation by referencing (in Ukrainian, Russian and English or in another language - for foreign authors).
  5. The author of the article indicates the full name of the organization and department. Lack of information on authors' affiliation or incorrectness, presentation of incomplete data, loss of data in the profiles of authors and organizations, creation of multiple profiles, loss of publication data.
  6. The author's original of the article must be completed, signed by the author and can not be finalized after its complete acceptance and agreement with the editorial board.
  7. The author does not have the right to transfer an article adopted and approved by the editorial board in other editions.
  8. Only one article of the author could be published in one issue.
  9. The design and content of the article should be in accordance with scientific requirements to the articles published in this
  10. The author, after notice of the decision of the editorial board regarding the possibility of puplication the article in the e-edition, should pay a fee for the payment of the charitable contribution 40 UAH / p., articles with a volume of up to 11 pages have a constant cost estimate of 450 UAH. Publication of the articles in the edition, their review and support of the technological base of the environment of the publication are carried out solely on the account of the charitable contributions of the authors!

Warning! Services for technical editing and formatting of the content of articles, as well as the translation of text and annotations into English representatives of the editorial staff carried out at the request of the authors if necessary ( additional payment according to the tariffs of service providers).

Warning! The information should be obligatory provided in Ukrainian, Russian and English (or in the language of the author).

Warning! The author should to go through the electronic registration of eg-form .

Warning! Articles using computer translation from the original language of the article into English and others are not accepted and are not returned to the author. The editorial board could recommend high-quality translation into a foreign language upon the request of the author in an agreement for an additional payment.

Technology of article submission to publication:

  1. Complete the e-form required for publication.
  2. Send us article and a confirmation of the payment of a charitable contribution (after notice of acceptance of the materials of the article prior to publication). Address: am.eor.by@gmail.com.
  3. The editors will review your article within 2-3 days. We remind that articles of postgraduate students, graduate students and students are published in the presence of a co-author with a scientific degree or a review of a scientific supervisor.
  4. If the article has been successfully reviewed, we will send you a letter with this information: The article was reviewed, accepted for publication.
  5. As soon as the electronic version of the edition is posted on the site, we will inform you about it. Then, after the release of the edition we send a certificate of publication with the data required for reporting on the author's request.


  1. Reporting Standards:

Authors reporting on the results of the original study should be accurately take into an account the work done, as well as an objective discussion of its significance.

Basic data should be accurately reflected in the article. The document should contain enough details and links to allow others to repeat the work.

Fraudulent or deliberately inaccurate statements are unethical and inappropriate.

  1. Data access and data storage:

Authors could be asked to provide raw data from their research in connection with the editorial review of the article and they should be prepared to provide the public with access to such data, if it is available.

Authors should in any case be prepared to store such data within a reasonable time after publication.

The confidentiality of participants can be protected, and legal rights regarding of the private data do not prevent their release.

  1. Originality and Plagiarism:

The authors should make sure that the submitted manuscript: describes a completely original work; not plagiarized; was not published elsewhere in any language;indicates the appropriate quotation or quotation if the authors used the work and/or the words of others.

  1. The relevant copyright laws and conditions must be complied with :

The author's materials (for example, tables, numbers, or expanded quotes) must be reproduced only with permission and confirmation.

  1. Multiple, backup or simultaneous publications:

In general, the author should not publish manuscripts that essentially describe the same study in several editions or primary publications.

The submission of the same manuscript to several journals at the same time is unethical and unacceptable.

  1. Confirmation of sources:

The authors will submit only entirely original works.

The authors should refer to publications that have influenced the nature of the presented article.

  1. Authorship of the manuscript:

The authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the design, execution, execution or interpretation of the reported research.

Anyone who has made a significant contribution must be registered as a co-author.

Others participating in certain key aspects of the research project, they should be mentioned in the confirmation section.

The appropriate author chould make sure that all authors (as defined above), as well as independent authors, are not included in the author's list of manuscripts, and that all co-authors have approved the final version of the article and have agreed to its submission for publication.

  1. Dangers:

If the article involves the use of chemicals, procedures or equipment that have unusual dangers inherent in their use, the author must clearly identify them in the manuscripts.

  1. Disclosure and conflicts of interest:

All authors should disclose in manuscript any financial or other objective conflict of interest, which could be interpreted as an affecting the results or interpretation of their manuscript.

All sources of financial support for the project should be disclosed.

  1. Major mistakes in published articles:

When the author finds a significant mistake or inaccuracy in his own published work, the author should immediately notify the editor or publisher and collaborate with the editor to reject or correct the document.

  1. Disclaimer statement:

Neither the editors nor the editorial board are responsible for the opinions expressed by the authors, the views and contents of the published manuscripts in the edition.

Originality, proofreading of manuscripts and errors are the exclusive responsibility of the certain authors exceptionally.

Sincerely, Editorial Board!