Sociological Research Of Students' Attitude To Learning

  • Lyudmila Ol. Sasina Simon Kuznets Kharkov National University of Economics


Significant changes are taking place in the social institute of education under the conditions of reforming the Ukrainian society. Its well-functioning was disturbing by already known and new problems - institutional conflicts. The aim of the research is to summarize the key contradictions which exist in the educational field and to determine the attitude of students to learning using the method of survey. The analysis of the results of the survey made it possible to clarify a number of fundamental issues that should be considered in formation of the strategy and tactics of the functioning of education in order to prevent the development of destructive processes in Ukraine.

Keywords: education, students, institutional conflicts, survey


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Author Biography

Lyudmila Ol. Sasina, Simon Kuznets Kharkov National University of Economics

Ph.D., Associate Professor

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