Needs And Demands Of A Student Of A Higher Education Institution In Ukraine In Modern Conditions

  • Mariola Mirowska Institute of pedagogy, faculty of pedagogy, Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa (the Republic of Poland)


The article is devoted to the study of the needs and demands of students of the modern institutions of higher education in Ukraine and their understanding of the importance of higher education in the development of their lives. The research was conducted in three institutions of higher education of Ukraine. It was attended by 300 students of the first-third year of study. On the basis of analysis of questionnaires, interviews and the included observation, it was found that for a modern student, higher education has no unambiguous meaning. The study made it possible to point out that its traditional combination with the prospect of appropriate employment, career development and the achievement of well-being is likely to be an educational myth rather than the real situation. A modern student, regardless of the type of institution of higher education, sees for himself both the benefits of higher education and the many expenses that limit his/her motivation to achieve it. Higher education, as a vital necessity in the modern world, remains in the field of tradition, the carriers of which is the older generation, which mainly takes on the support of children at the stage of its acquisition. In the absence of such support, the desire to acquire knowledge at the level of higher education has significant risks, reducing the likelihood of young people choosing the path of personal development through the acquisition of higher education. For students, the process of obtaining higher education is combined with a new stage in their life, where communication, establishment of new contacts and acquisition of vital competencies are crucial, and only in combination with them, it acquires a certain personal and social meaning. Higher education is regarded by the student as an attribute of the present, and its achievement requires concentration of own efforts and additional expenses. Our studies confirm the data from other studies on the difficulty of youth in mastering the new educational space related to its territory, their relations with teachers and students. It is found that a modern student sees a perspective direction in improving the quality of education not by choosing from the alternatives offered, but through counselling, discussion and democratization of the process of managing a higher education institution. The study leads to the idea that there is a need to move from monosubjective pedagogy to a dialog, which should first of all be taken into account in the management system of a higher education institution. The presented study reveals new perspectives of assessing the place and role of higher education in the modern world from the position of the student.

Keywords: needs and demands of the student, higher education, management of a higher education institution, dialogical pedagogy


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Author Biography

Mariola Mirowska, Institute of pedagogy, faculty of pedagogy, Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa (the Republic of Poland)

Ph.D of Humanities in Pedagogy, Head of the institution of social work and public health

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