Management of youth centers as an effective form of youth policy implementation.

  • Наталія Левченко


Abstract. The most important factor in the development of youth policy of Ukraine is the implementation, organization and implementation of youth centers. As of 2017, the network of youth centers, the procedure for monitoring the activities of youth centers, financial support, organizers of youth work and youth spaces have been clearly defined in Ukraine. During 2018 - 2021, the competencies of youth center managers were improved due to a number of training programs. The study analyzes the training programs for leaders of youth centers in general and studies the features of training future coaches to implement training under the program "Effective management of youth centers" in particular.

On the basis of the theory and practice by means of an experiment features of preparation of future trainers for realization of training under the program "Effective management of the youth centers" are defined. During the study, methods of systematic, problem-targeted, normative-comparative analysis of sources were used; content analysis of documentation, training program "Effective management of youth centers" and other training programs. The program covered 40 participants from different regions of Ukraine. The selection of participants takes into account their motivation, desire to learn and teach others, to promote their positive experience. "Effective management of youth centers" is an effective innovative form of non-formal education that promotes the development of a responsible leader, increasing the level of civic activity in decision-making of their community. Training programs "Effective management of youth centers" and others aimed at growth, efficiency of youth centers; development and improvement of professional competencies of managers, specialists and volunteers of youth centers and spaces; acquisition of new knowledge and skills related to the financial direction of the centers; providing quality services by specialists of youth centers.

Keywords. Youth center, youth worker, management of youth centers, work with youth, non-formal education, forms of work with youth.

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