Features of physical education of student youth in China

  • Цуй Лун


Abstract. This article touches upon an urgent problem of our time - gadgetalization and its consequences, which greatly affect the development of children and youth. For example, children in the 21-st century use gadgets such as personal computers and smartphones on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in most cases, the constant usage of these devices negatively affects their psychophysical state.

Taking into account that in modern living conditions in all developed countries there is a need to actively use the results of scientific and technological progress, both in everyday life and in professional activity, restricting access to modern gadgets will significantly distort the acception of the conditions of reality of the younger generation.

Taking into consideration the impossibility and illogicality of refusing to use the results of scientific and technological progress, it becomes necessary to minimize the negative impact of gadgetalization on the psychophysical state of children and adolescents, in particular, through physical training in schools and colleges.

Of particular interest for this study is physical education in educational institutions in China — a country whose representatives regularly occupy leading positions in international sports competitions.

The state regulation of sports rehabilitation in China is aimed at creating the necessary conditions for the development of physical education in the country, improving the physical condition of its citizens, raising the level of sports events, ensuring ideological development of society, creating organizational and managerial conditions to strengthen national health.

As a result of the study, the features of physical education of young students in China were identified and researched: its goals at the legislative level, strategies for achieving the goals set at the ideological level, the prerequisites and factors of its physical development were tracked.

Key words: physical training, physical culture, gadgetalization, studying youth, educational establishment of China.

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