Research of the influence of the marketing policy of a higher education institution on its competitiveness

  • Варвара Черненко


Abstract. The article considers the competitive benchmarking of Kremenchug Mykhailo Ostrogradsky National University (KrNU) in order to identify the competitive advantages and disadvantages of university among HEIs of Poltava region. The peculiarities of the formation of marketing culture of any HEI, which affect its competitiveness in the market of educational services, are analyzed. To study the impact of marketing policy of the university on its competitiveness, benchmarking was chosen as a tool that demonstrates the directions of development and improvement of the basic principles of the HEI in order to strengthen its competitiveness. Having selected the three best HEIs in Poltava region, a comparative analysis of KrNU with these universities was conducted according to the following criteria: educational and scientific achievements; official websites; activities of marketing departments. This analysis revealed the main competitive advantage of KrNU – these are the highest indicators in the rankings, which demonstrate the educational and scientific achievements of selected HEIs. The analysis of the official websites showed that the main page of the KrNU website has the least number of contrast errors, and based on the results of the Webometrics rating, it was concluded that the KrNU website needs to strengthen the information content. It was revealed that KrNU not only does not have a full-fledged marketing department, but does not even have a specialist in communication activities and, as a result, a profile in any social network. It is substantiated that the promotion of educational services based on the integrated use of marketing policy tools will allow HEIs to reach a new level of quality, strengthen the competitive position of HEI in the market of educational and scientific services.

Key words: benchmarking, educational services, higher education institution, competitiveness, rating, website, HEIs of Poltava region.

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