Project activity as a means of developing adaptive competence

  • Олена Суховерхова
  • Алла Брацлавська


Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of the concepts of "adaptation" or the process of adapting, which provides the fastest and most effective elimination or compensation of the effects of adverse environmental factors on humans; "adaptability", defined as the ability to adapt; "adaptive competence", which is an integral quality of personality and includes the possession of all competencies necessary for effective professional activity.Adaptive competence of a specialist is a systemic concept and also includes moral and value positions and individual psychological characteristics. Professional adaptation of the future specialist is an integral part of their professional competence.Adaptive competence is one of the key educational competences identified at the Council of Europe Symposium on Key Competences for Europe."Project-based learning" is a method aimed at integrating practical knowledge, developing critical thinking and basic competencies of students, one of which is adaptive competence. This type of activity is an activity that combines the acquisition of personal development skills with the knowledge base already possessed by the learner.The article emphasizes that in the process of developing adaptive competence the teacher should use innovative pedagogy and partnership technologies that determine the development of critical thinking of students.The article substantiates the use of "project activities" in the process of forming adaptive competence during the training of future professionals. It is proved that the development of adaptive competence of the educational process participant through project activities is relevant, has obvious advantages and ensures the development of their cognitive flexibility, prepares them to make independent decisions and provides impetus to their self-adaptation.Key words: adaptation, adaptability, adaptive competence, project activity.

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