Mechanisms of organization of pedagogical interaction with students of higher education institutions

  • Ольга Почуєва


Abstract. Today, modern society places ever higher demands on education, which is constantly updated under the influence of the requirements of employers, the development of science and technology, the needs and interests of society and the student himself in the learning process. Now education emphasizes the creation of a new universal knowledge that meets the criteria of objectivity, fundamentality and meets the requirements of modern thinking. The key condition for building a new type of education is the interaction between knowledge, experience and understanding. Considering the personal interaction of the teacher and applicants in the process of assimilation of information, it can be noted that the teacher needs to build educational activities taking into account the physical and mental and intellectual capabilities of applicants. The opinion is expressed more and more often that in pedagogical interaction there is not only an exchange of information, but also values, ways of life, norms, ethical attitudes; their selection and assimilation is selective and depends on the socio-psychological climate of the organization in which the interaction takes place. The scenario approach to construction of interaction which allows to overcome mechanics, stereotypes of interaction, allows to consider individual features of the applicant and the teacher, allows the teacher to carry out indirect pedagogical influences is actual. To determine the qualitative indicators of pedagogical interaction between teacher and students, you must first determine the methods of pedagogical interaction and levels. Pedagogical interaction will be considered by us as a purposeful pedagogical process of mutual exchange between the teacher and the applicant in the process of their joint activities, exchange of experience, emotions in the systematic implementation of communicative actions of the teacher, which aim to provoke appropriate response from the student.

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