Foreign experience in quality management of higher pedagogical education

  • Марія Бойко


Summary. The article considers the foreign experience of education quality management and provides the analysis of teacher training systems in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Denmark, Austria, Cyprus, Norway, Germany, France, Finland, the Czech Republic and Poland. We have outlined approaches to effective management, which allow to independently determine the development strategy of the institution and goals that meet the current challenges, to take into account the conditions of the external environment, to encourage changes in the internal environment.

Criteria of the institutional analysis of the quality of education in foreign higher educational institutions are distinguished: compliance with the expected goals and needs defined by the standards of different groups of stakeholders, as well as the satisfaction of consumers (students, employers, society in general) with educational products and their characteristic features.

The analyzed foreign experience allowed us to conclude that in the USA, Canada and Europe they have created various models aimed at improving the quality of training future teachers – namely, the formation of their motivation, mastery of the necessary competencies, achieving learning outcomes and competitiveness in the labor market.

Having studied the experience of the developed countries, we proved the necessity to increase the effectiveness of quality management of educational services in modern higher educational institutions while implementing progressive practices in the training of future teachers. In particular, at the institutional level improvements include: professional selection for pedagogical specialties by introducing a career guidance course in higher educational institutions; focus on practicing teachers by improving the content, forms and methods of training future teachers; development of educational programs with an emphasis on the applied component of professional training, its connection with the labor market; adherence to a scientifically sound ratio in the definition of general, professional and practical components; updating the activity nature of professional training, strengthening the research component of this process.


Key words: education quality, quality management, foreign experience, future teacher, professional, training.

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