Activation of adaptive processes during the preparation of masters of intellectual property management

  • Вікторія Бруєва


Abstract. The article is devoted to the expediency of developing and implementing adaptive processes in the preparation of master's degree students "Property Management". The topical issue of significant transformation of personnel policy in the field of intellectual property is raised as a necessary condition for merging the generation of intellectualized leaders and creating a special economic zone. An analysis of educational programs for masters of intellectual property management, differentiated disciplines in five areas - law, economics, management, technology (engineering), invention. Emphasis is placed on the need to develop adaptive technology through the involvement of all stakeholders in the educational process. It is proposed to direct adaptive technology in the content of training, in the forms, methods, techniques, approaches to relationships and interaction in the system "teacher-student-stakeholders".

It is noted that adaptive technology and adaptive processes will contribute to the formation of master's degree students integrated competencies . The content reveals the essence of adaptive technology and adaptive processes. Attention is paid to the development and implementation of the context-concentric approach in the preparation of master's degree students as an integral part of adaptive technology. The proposed algorithm of adaptive processes helped to single out and form in management competencies of master's degree students of intellectual property : general (basic); integral and carry out their decomposition in the areas of training. The program results of master's training after involving the context-concentric approach are detailed. It is proposed to improve the process of training master's degree students of intellectual property management through the developed digital partnership platform "master-institution of higher education-stakeholders", which allows all stakeholders to interact, present themselves and their benefits (opportunities), use data banks of employers, masters, graduates and use legislative, educational and scientific funds in all areas of intellectual property, to be co-authors of methodological support in all disciplines. Prospects for further scientific research have been formed.

Key words: master's degree, adaptive technology, intellectual property market, integrated competencies, context-concentric approach.

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