Project Activities In The Context Of Donald Super's Concept Of Career Development

  • Олена Суховерхова


Abstract The article highlights the need to include project activities as an important component of the learning process. The purpose of project activities is to provide the necessary foundation for individuals to work on their own development and to provide the necessary aids to support the desire to grow and improve. It is suggested that Donald Super’s ideas should be taken into account when planning the stages of project activities, adding a stage for individual reflection throughout the project. The development of the child is a key task for the school, the issues of giving importance to the project activities in the curriculum are defined. The idea of using project activities as an environment for mastering competencies is put forward. A point of view on the value of mastering competencies and skills during schooling that will help be effective in the future is provided, for the purposes of our age period according to Donald Super. A viewpoint on the need for student participation in project activities in order to activate the personal qualities of participants in the learning process is outlined. Learning activities in institutions of general secondary education should be aimed at the development of the personality of education applicants. Opportunities to try themselves in "different roles as a performer" are provided exactly by the project method of learning, which corresponds to the age stage of professional development according to Donald Super. The level of conscious acquisition of knowledge and skills when working on a project or case study increases significantly and is added to the process of shaping one's career trajectory. The introduction of this type of activity in the practice of the educational institution solves a wide range of problems faced by institutions of general secondary education in the process of its functioning.

Key words: self-determination, project activity, learning, Donald Super's theory.

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Суховерхова, О. (2021). Project Activities In The Context Of Donald Super’s Concept Of Career Development. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Pedagogics, 11(21).
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