Features of formation of professional competence of the future music teacher

  • Ганна Кравченко
  • Мейхуань Лю


Annotation. The study and analysis of the pedagogical achievements of theorists and practitioners in the education system provides an understanding of the basic categories of the competence-based approach. One of the strategic directions of modern art education is the introduction of a competence-based approach. It is the focus on achieving a certain educational result, the search for new forms and methods of art education in recent decades that determines the key trends in modern professional training of future art education specialists.

The content of the article reveals the meaning of the concept of professional competence of a music teacher. It has been established that the concept of the professional competence of a music teacher, together with the categories of professional, methodological competence, as well as some subject competences of a musician-teacher, have recently become firmly established in the scientific circulation of musical and pedagogical theory and practice.

The article considers the views of scientists on the content of the concept of "professional competence of a future music teacher" and "professional competence of a music teacher". Particular attention is paid to the disclosure of their essential characteristics from the standpoint of training student youth in Chinese universities.Taking into account the peculiarities of the characteristics of the content of these concepts, the following are defined: basic abilities that are based on physiological ability, which is the basis for all types of professional activities of music teachers; professional abilities, which are considered as professional qualities and are in the form of professional knowledge, skills and abilities; teaching abilities, which are provided by the availability of modern professional knowledge, the basis of which are interdisciplinary integration links; the ability to innovate provides quality music education, which changes the status of teachers and ensures the implementation of their own creative ideas; leadership skills provide an active position of the teacher and subject-subject interaction between teacher and student in the educational environment.

Key words: competence, competence, professional competence of a music teacher, institution of higher education.

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