The main essential characteristics of the state youth policy

  • Олена Коврига


Abstract. The article reveals the essential characteristics of state youth policy, summarizes the main stages of formation and evolution of state policy in support of youth development. The historical aspect of the origin and implementation of the state youth policy at the highest level of government in the form of structures and bodies engaged in its development and coordination is indicated. The concepts of "youth" and "politics" are outlined as components of the concept of "youth policy". The subject and object in the field of youth support at the state level, the main purpose and objectives are highlighted. It is determined that the goal of state youth policy is perceived as the implementation of comprehensive, consistent and mutually agreed measures of public authorities, local governments and non-governmental organizations that actively represent the interests of the younger generation in the formation of state youth policy, as well as implementation and creation of social economic, political, organizational and legislative conditions in promoting education, employment, initiatives, creative and innovative activities of young people.

State youth policy is defined as a priority and specific direction of the state, which is carried out in the interests of young people, society, state and taking into account state opportunities, its economic, social, historical, cultural development and world experience of state support for youth. Youth support takes place systematically, in the relationship between the state and the younger generation, youth groups or individuals. Implemented in the activities of all branches of government (legislative, executive, judicial), in order to provide socio-economic, political, organizational, legal conditions and guarantees for the vital self-determination of young people and the realization of all their goals and needs. It is noted that in modern conditions of development, relying on European experience and practice, the state youth policy of Ukraine requires immediate implementation and practical implementation of a set of measures, especially to address all employment issues, provide equal opportunities in the labor market, increase wages, assistance in small business development, etc. Therefore, solving all the problems of youth is a key moment in the implementation of state youth policy, and its proper education is a prospect for the effectiveness of state youth policy.

Key words: youth, policy, youth policy, state youth policy, subjects of realization of the state youth policy, objects of the state youth policy, the purpose and tasks of the state youth policy, implementation of the youth policy.

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