Instrumental Competencies Оf Higher Education Seekers As A Factor Оf Professional Training

  • Алла Харківська
  • Валентина Малихіна


Abstract. The article is carried out an analysis of the competence-based approach, which is characterized by the broader boundaries of research and development, because it reflects best practices, takes into account the future requirements of the labor markets. Ways of targeting the learning process on the development of student's personality, the formation of its instrumental competencies are examined in the article. For example, the study of "General course of Physics" attempts to explain the formation of competencies of future teachers. At the present stage the national education system is one of the priorities of our country development strategy The democratic basis of the reforms has identified the degree of higher education development, which enables to detect the degree of the autonomy of the higher educational institutions, educational and personnel policy, implement the system of education in new stages of national education development that has the aim to train new formation specialists who know how to apply the knowledge and technologies in different spheres of activity motivated by the constant self-education. Competence approach requires the inculcating and developing in students a set of core competencies that define its successful adaptation in society. In addition competencies include the purely professional knowledge and skills that characterize the qualification of such qualities as initiative, cooperation, the ability to work in a group, communication skills, ability to learn, evaluate, think logically, and use the information. Competence is manifested in student-oriented activities. So the manifestation of competence is assessed on the basis of the total graduate`s skills formedness (that integratively reflects this competence) and its behavioral (psychological) reactions that are manifested in a variety of situations. Availability of the prevailing instrumental competencies of future teachers is a major factor in their professional training.

Keywords: competence approach, competency, competence, instrumental competencies.

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